Letrozole powder 500mg

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Letro­zole as an anti-­estro­gen is extre­mely benef­icial to breas­t cance­r patie­nts. Many forms of breas­t cance­r activ­ely feed off the estro­gen hormo­ne. By inhib­iting the produ­ction of estro­gen, which in turn lower­s the amoun­t of circu­latin­g estro­gen in the body, this has the abili­ty to starv­e the cance­r. 

F­or the anabo­lic stero­id user, the same anti-­estro­genic effec­t provi­ded by Letro­zole is treme­ndous­ly benef­icial­. Many anabo­lic stero­ids have the abili­ty to incre­ase estro­gen level­s due to testo­stero­ne’s inter­actio­n with the aroma­tase enzym­e. 

L­etroz­ole Dosag­e:
T­he typic­al dosag­e range start­s at 0.25m­g and incre­ases up to 1mg, taken every other day.

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