Polyoxidonium [Tabs] 12mg x 10 tabs

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Trade name: Polyoxidonium®

International Nonproprietary Name: Azoximer bromide

Chemical name: copolymer of N-oxide 1,4-ethylene piperazine and (N- carboxymethyl)-1,4-ethylene piperazinium bromide

Drug form: tablets

Composition in one tablet:

Active substance: Azoximer bromide 12 mg;

Excipients: mannitol 3.6 mg, povidone К17 2.4 mg, lactose monohydrate 185.0 mg, potato starch 45.0 mg, stearic acid 2.0 mg.

Description: Round white or white with yellowish tint flat faced beveled one side scored tablets with the other side lettering «PO».

Pharmacological group: immune modulator


Polyoxidonium® tablets possesses an immune modulating action, increases the organism resistance to local and general infections. Polyoxidonium’ main mechanism of action is the direct effect on the phagocytic cells and natural killers together with antibody production stimulation.

Polyoxidonium® activates the peripheral blood phagocytes and tissue macrophages action promoting more intensive infection elimination from the organism from the nidus of infection. Besides, Polyoxidonium® stimulates regional lymph nodes lymphoid cells, namely B-cells to produce secretory IgA.

When sublingually applied Polyoxidonium® activates the lymphoid cells of nasal cavity, Eustachian tubes, oropharynx, bronchi. Additionally Polyoxidonium® intensifies saliva bactericidal properties.

Being orally administered Polyoxidonium® activates intestine lymph nodes lymphoid cells as well. As a result of Polyoxidonium complex action the ENT, respiratory and gastrointestinal tract resistance to infection develops.

Together with the immune modulating properties Polyoxidonium® possesses an expressed detoxicating and antioxidant properties; is able to eliminate toxins, heavy metals ions from the organism, and inhibits the lipid peroxidation. All propertied mentioned are determined by Polyoxidonium structure and high molecular nature.

Polyoxidonium application for secondary immune deficiencies allows to increase therapy efficacy and shorten its duration, significantly to reduce the antibiotics, broncholitics, clucocorticoids application, and to lengthen the remission period.

The preparation is well tolerated, has no mitogenic, polyclonal activity, free from antigen properties, and has no allergenic, mutagenic, embryo toxic, teratogenic and cancerogenic potential.


Polyoxidonium tablets 12 mg when orally administered quickly absorbed from gastrointestinal tract; its bioavailability is nearly 50%. Polyoxidonium maximal blood plasma concentration is registered three hours after the application. Polyoxidonium® ’ pharmacokinetics is linear function (plasma concentration is proportional to preparation dose administered).

Polyoxidonium is hydrophilic compound: apparent distribution volume is about 0.5 l/kg reflecting the preparation distribution essentially in extracellular fluid. Polyoxidonium semi-absorbtion period is 35 minutes, elimination period is 18 hours. Polyoxidonium degradates to oligomers that are excreted mainly by kidney. No preparation accumulation was detected.

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