S-23 powder 1g

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S-23 powder 1g

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WHAT IS S-23? 

Well-known pharmaceutical company GTX is said to be investigating a SARM known as S-23 and based on available information, it’s not hard to see why. So far, research results have shown a positive correlation between the intake of S-23, muscles mass growth, and fat loss. Apparently, this SARM works by binding itself with androgen receptors and it’s non-steroidal.

S-23 is said to positively affect muscles and bones thanks to its tissue-selective anabolic effects, and it doesn’t come with the androgenic effects that other anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) come.

For example, instead of enlarging the prostate it actually decreases its size which is great news for those of you who are worried about its possible effects on the prostate.

GTX is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in hormonal drugs, so it makes sense that they’d be investigating S-23 and other selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). GTX’s interest in S-23 is based on claims that the SARM has sperm-suppressing characteristics that could qualify it as the world’s first male contraceptive


  1. Helps Build Lean Muscle Mass
  2. Increases Strength and Stamina
  3. Helps with Fat Loss
  4. Shows Minimal Water Retention
  5. Develops a Hard Muscle Aesthetic


20-30 mg per day

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