Bromantane (Ladasten) 50mg 90caps (4500mg)

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Bromantane (Ladasten) capsules. This sachet contains 60 capsules of 50mg each. Total 4500mg in the bottle.

Also we have Bromantane powder.


Bromantane is 2-bromophenyl-1-amino adamantane. The drug belongs to the group of adamantanes, such as amantadine, memantine, and molecules known only in Russia (kemantane, adopronin, gludantane, midantane).

During the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA, a doping substance little known in the West, bromantane, made its appearance. Five athletes (four Russians and one Lithuanian) who tested positive were disqualified by the International Olympic Committee. This decision was appealed to the athletics arbitration tribunal which canceled the disqualifications. Since then, the product has been added to the list of doping agents. During the ski championships at Trondheim, Norway in February 1997, a Russian athlete was disqualified because his urine tested positive. The drug is prescribed for Russian cosmonauts as an immune stimulant. Its probable use by Russian soldiers in Afghanistan, and more recently Chechnya, is related to its psychostimulating effect.


Bromantane is very different from typical psychostimulants in that it does not work on any particular receptor in the brain but acts on the expression of 1116 genes, all of which affect the central nervous system. Its unique mild psychostimulating effect can be attributed particularly to an increase in the expression of tyrosine hydroxylase - the key ferment responsible for dopamine synthesis. In other words, bromantane indirectly stimulates the expression of dopamine, unlike typical stimulants, which simply release dopamine already stored in the synaptic cleft. As a result, Ladasten has a weaker stimulating effect and does not cause dopamine depletion.

Bromantane was also found to have an anxiolytic effect that was attributed to a decrease in the expression of GABA-transporter gene. This results in an increase in GABA in the synaptic cleft, which explains its anxiolytic properties. This compound was extensively studied in Russia and was found to be very safe.

Bromantane can be used by those who have the following symptoms:

  • Asthenic disorders of different types, e.g. somatic symptoms disorders and after-effects of infections
  • Neurasthenia (exhaustion of the central nervous system’s energy reserves).


50-200mg per day


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